Bake has become an alter-ego, a way in which to push creative expression to its absolute limits, far beyond traditional artistic methods into unexpected realms– including tattooing.

The body, just like the canvas, provides guidelines, limitations and inspiration for any artistic project.

The preferred tattooing styles are Classical Black and Grey, as well as illustrative colour. Bake’s work is always tailored to the person or project he is tattooing, and the aim is to create flowing compositions which complement, move and live well on the human form.
It essential that clients are committed to quality and trust the process of collaborative creation – Bake’s working style necessitates dedication to the journey of your project. Concepts and projects which have deeper meaning and truth of expression are always inspiring; Bake likes working with people who have vision and intention behind their tattoos. However, purely aesthetic projects are justas fun, providing there is opportunity for pushing creative and technical boundaries.